How it works

SEO is the process of modifying your website to affect it’s search engine ranking.

Good SEO practices can raise your ranking in the organic (not paid for) search engine listings.

We will create an initial report for you which will outline all the things we feel that should be updated on your site. We recommend that important work is taken care of immediately, as there are often some glaring omissions in websites that once fixed can improve your ranking dramatically.

After this initial stage is complete, we will talk over the remainder of the work which can be completed at a speed of your choosing.

Here’s a rough guideline of how much you can expect to spend, based on the average website that we are contacted about.

SEO Checkup

We will spend a few hours looking at the code on your site and will run multiple reports that are designed to identify errors and omissions against an up to date list of the best SEO practices. This usually takes a few hours, and as a result should cost between £70 and £140. If you have a very large website, it may take longer.

SEO Setup

There are usually always a few very important things than have been omitted and we always recommend that these are fixed straight away. As all work is billed at £35 an hour, the cost of fixing these important errors will depend on how many have been identified.

If your website has not been integrated with Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook, then we recommend that they are linked immediately. Google won’t know to crawl your website and list you in the results if it does not know your site exists! Integrating your site with the above search engines usually takes a few hours.

We will speak to you regarding any other items that need to be fixed, we will provide you with a full list of items ordered by importance. If you don’t want to pay any more than £100 a month, for example, we will batch up the list into £100 slots and spend a day each month taking care of them.

Unlike some other companies, we won’t lock you into an expensive monthly contract just for initially fixing errors.

Ongoing SEO

If you are happy with your initial results and want us to work on your site in the background, we can settle on a plan of action to update your content, images, site structure and general usability over time. Again the monthly time / cost can be decided by you.

This package allows us to check all your new content / blog posts / images for the best SEO practices, and remedy anything that appears as it is added by you. Over time this package allows us to build up an intricate web of content on your site, linked together harmoniously and guiding your customers towards the right pages and content.

We will also refresh your content, to avoid Google thinking your site has become stale. Peppering your keywords responsibly around the site will increase the value of each of your pages, and further work can be done to refine your page URLs, image paths and other important ‘invisible’ things.