How to Do SEO on Your Website

How to Do SEO on Your Website

How do You Perform SEO?

The first step is to figure out what your site is all about. What is the focus of the site? And what elements of SEO will work best to help boost its status on search engine results?

Content: The primary driver of search engine rankings is high quality content. There is no substitute for effective, informative content for your website. SEO marketing is built around the principle of providing informative, well-written content that provides true value to those who visit your site.

Keywords: The content that you write must be infused with the proper keywords and key phrases to catch the attention of search engines. Keywords are the words used in queries by those seeking information on search engines. Once a query has been entered, the search engine will look for sites that best match what the query is asking. The results are listed in order of how they match the query.

However, it is not just loading up content with keywords that will earn a high spot on the search rankings. The content itself must be well-written, high-quality, and provide real value to the reader. The exact keywords used, how they are placed, and if they appear naturally in the content will go a long way towards attracting the attention of search engines.

The keywords serve as the basis for search engines to find the results, but the ranking will depend on other factors such as overall quality of the content itself.

Quality: The overall quality of the content is certainly important. But it will need to be updated regularly in order to stay at or near the top of the search rankings. You should set aside a few minutes each week to look over your content and see what needs to be updated.

You can also post any needed updates on a calendar. That way, when you complete a piece of content that may be timestamped in some manner, you can make the update accordingly.

Link-Worthy: Your site benefits not only from potential customers, but other site owners who see your content as valuable enough to link to from their site. Becoming an authority in a field means attracting links from others in your industry.

The result is that your link is now published in content apart from your own. This is quite powerful as it can help your site reach an entirely new audience.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is commonly called is the most popular form of passive marketing on the internet.

Instead of reaching out with advertising as with traditional marketing, SEO brings people to your site through the use of keywords, content, and other aspects based on search engine results. Through SEO, you can bring people to your website without having to spend any money on advertising, although that does help.

You can also add other techniques such as paid advertising, pay-per-click, and the like to help bolster your chances at improving search results rankings. But what if you are having trouble getting your website seen by Google?

Why Does My Website Not Show Up on Google?

You have created your website, put up some content, and now are wondering why no one is showing up? The answer might be that Google is not presenting your site on their search engine. The reasons why may include the following.

  • Google has not indexed your site yet
  • Google finds your site to not be relevant or trustworthy for the keywords that are used
  • You set the page to “no index” for Google
  • You blocked the Googlebot crawler
  • Google has issued you a penalty and deindexed the site
  • Technical issues are preventing your site from being used by Google

If you have blocked the Googlebot crawler, set the page to “no index”, or have technical issues with the site, then the fix is self-evident. If you are not sure, check each of these items first before you proceed.

If Google has yet to index your site, you should give it sufficient time to allow them to do so. Quite often, indexing is relatively quick so you should not have to wait long. If you feel you have waited long enough, you can create and submit a sitemap to Google. This needs to be followed by creating a Google Search Console account.

If your site is not generating the ranking results you want on Google, consider that your site is new and will need something extra to compete against well-established websites. That something extra should be content, keyword usage, or addition of proper links that help boost your site the proper way. In other words, using white hat SEO techniques will help lift your search rankings the right way.

Of course, black hat SEO techniques which include keyword stuffing may also work and take less effort. But the success will be short-lived as Google will soon see what is happening and drop your site from its rankings.