How local SEO in Reading can help you attract new customers

How local SEO can help you attract new customers

Local SEO is a great way to get new customers in your local area.

Local SEO (local search engine optimisation) is different from SEO (search engine optimisation) in that instead of optimising searches to the entire country or the world, it optimises a website for searches related to a specific geographical area, like a city or county.

This method of optimising your website is ideal for smaller companies that only offer their services in a particular area.

Local SEO is tactful to gain new customers simply because potential customers use search engines like Yelp, Google, Bing, etc. to find local businesses. In fact, according to Go-Gulf, 46 percent of Google searches are seeking local information, and 97 percent of search engine users searched through the internet to find local businesses.

10 reasons local SEO can attract new customers

You are probably wondering why local SEO works to gain new customers. There are multiple reasons why it is necessary. These reasons range from how people access information on local businesses and how costly it is for the business to advertise.

1. Many local customers use the internet to find local businesses

Local customers use the internet to find businesses using computers, smartphones, and tablets. Up to 60 percent of American adults use their smartphones and tablets to search for local services. In addition to this, 87 percent of smartphone users use a search engine at least once a day.

With most people using the internet to find information on local services, it makes sense why local SEO would be the way to go to attract new customers, especially in a digital world that is constantly adapting and becoming more reliant on technology. People hardly use hard copy phone books anymore.

2. A local search marketing strategy is specific and well timed

Local search marketing is both timely and targeted, but what does this mean for customers? It means that customers are connected with your business when your services are really needed. It also ensures that your business is presented to an audience who are looking for your kind of services. Many people don’t even have a specific business in mind. This is why learning how to ‘do’ local search engine optimisation is important.

3. Local SEO converts more customers than other local advertising channels

Local SEO has the ability to get businesses more customers than other local marketing strategies. Traditional methods are not as successful because most people access the internet for most things local. Also, with local SEO, more detailed information can be accessed.

Online directories display the business name and list contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers. They can even list additional information like hours of operation of the business. For example, the customer can search for “coffee shops in Reading” and Google will pull up a list of coffee shops in that area using Google Maps as well as a list of hours and location of the business. On Google, you can even see a list of reviews. Positive reviews gain reputability, which means more people talking about your business and converting.

4. More people use mobile internet than ever before

Local SEO works because potential customers use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones while on the go. In fact, more people use mobile media (51 percent) as opposed to a regular PC (42 percent). Laptop and desktop use is decreasing while mobile use continues to increase, though the diminishing use of desktop use is still valuable as it still attracts new customers.

5. Google My Business & Google Maps can get traffic going

The perks of the Business / Maps feature on Google is that it is free to practically any business. Utilising this feature and activating it can generate more customers to your business as it increases your chances of showing up high in the search results. It also has a competitive factor to it as not all small local business may have figured local SEO out yet and activated the feature.

6. Not many people use the newspaper to read advertisements

Local SEO has the upper hand at gaining new customers as opposed to traditional advertisements like in the newspaper. In fact, only about 20 percent of adults read the newspaper to read about local news and it will likely only keep declining because of more people turning to the internet for local information.

7. Online business reviews can be just as reputable as personal recommendations

85 percent of consumers say they trust personal recommendations and online business reviews the same. Positive reviews are key to returning and converting potential customers. Search engines like Google give the ability to list your business and reviews that show up as an overall rating out of 5 stars. If you have many positive reviews, customers will see this, and gravitate towards your services more so over others with lower ratings.

8. Customers, especially local, rely on the internet to find business information

Locals are quite dependent on the internet when they need to find local services or products, so it is important businesses understand how to use local SEO and utilise features like Google Business. If a potential or even returning customer can’t find your services on local search results or on Google Maps, you can pretty much say goodbye.

9. Many local SEO services are currently free

As referenced earlier, ‘My Business’ on Google is free as are many other local SEO strategies. It’s free promotion to potential customers and it would be unwise to pass that up. At the very least, your business should have a free listing here, and ideally you will be regularly posting new information to your feed.

10. Local SEO boosts return on investments (ROI)

Unlike traditional methods (newspaper, mail) of business advertising, you can get free exposure with local SEO that hardly gets wasted. Customers can find you easily and they will find you when they need you, thus it is cost-effective. The main benefit of SEO is that it builds up over time lasts forever, as opposed to marketing where you pay for what you get and have to keep paying.

Utilise local SEO to grow your business

Local SEO is a great marketing tactic to convert customers and promote your business, and it is cost-effective, too. As the world becomes more digital, local SEO will become more competitive and necessity. It is wise for businesses to utilise it now while not many local businesses may know about it, and have first grabs at the market.